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7 Days, 7 Photos

Seven days, seven black and white photos of your life. No people. No explanations. Challenge someone every day. This game was circulating on Facebook in November and December 2017.

I normally ignore Facebook games and “challenges.” For that matter, I rarely post photos on Facebook. But when a friend playing this game challenged me, I decided it would be fun to have another go at Transcending the Familiar, but entirely in black and white.

Current cameras have a setting that produces black and white images straight out of the camera. But I followed my usual practice of shooting raw files and processing them as color images. Then I converted them to black and white with the Nik Silver Efex Pro plug-in for Photoshop. It offers digital photographers artistic effects that simulate various “wet” darkroom techniques and choices of film, filters, chemistry, and paper.

The rules of the Facebook game called for “no explanations.” But if you click on a picture here, you’ll see information about how I made it (along with a larger image). There are also two extra pictures I didn’t post on Facebook. Cambridge Analytica and their Cyrillic friends will have to make do without them.

Click on any picture to see a larger version.

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