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Wallpaper Downloads

These higher-resolution image files are specially cropped to enjoy as “wallpaper” (desktop or smartphone screen background, often erroneously called a “screen saver”), or to print for personal use. Six of them are formatted for square-ish TV-style displays. Nine of them are formatted for wide screens. Four of them are optimized for iPhone or iPod screens (in versions for the iPhone 5 and later, and for earlier models).

There is a catch, though. Each of these downloads includes the picture title, my name, and the name of this Web site. (The iPhone/iPod files only have the Web site name.) Yes, it’s blatant advertising. But it’s not too intrusive, as you can see in the reduced samples on this page. Although the files are compressed and don’t have the full quality of the original images, they’ll surely enhance your desktop or phone while letting you sample my pictures at a higher resolution than you’ll find elsewhere on this Web site.

To download a picture, click a “radio button” to select the picture and size you want. The number in parentheses is the file size in kilobytes (strictly speaking, that’s kibibytes). Click the “To Download” button or scroll down to read and agree to the terms and conditions for using these images. Then click the “Download Picture” button.

The downloaded picture may be larger than your browser window. Once the download is finished, you can save the image. If you need instructions for saving images as files or “wallpaper,” read this first. Use the blue buttons beneath the image to go back to this page, or to the tedsimages.com home page.

TV-Style (4:3)

Wide (16:10)