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What’s Old?

Whenever I update the What’s New? page, I delete entries that are no longer new (i.e., more than a year old) and move them to this archive. That keeps the What’s New? page to a reasonable size, while maintaining a complete history of this Web site for anyone who might be interested. I can’t imagine why anyone would actually be interested in such a thing, but here it is.

Since this archive goes back to 1999, some links and other things mentioned in old entries may have changed, moved, or disappeared. I’ve removed outdated links and annotated some entries to indicate where things have moved, but I’ve otherwise left the original text unchanged. I add the annotations when I archive the entries, so in time the annotations may themselves become outdated.

Newer Entries

14 December 2003

Added two new pictures of Hawaii: Hanalei Valley on Kauai, and pounding surf along the Hana Highway on Maui. The Maui page also has improved scans of five pictures.

Added a review of the Canon FS4000US Scanner to the Links and Reviews page. Made several updates to the Commentaries pages, and a few inevitable minor corrections to the eastern Sierra Nevada pages.

28 November 2003

Two new Photo Travel Essay pages (with 16 new pictures) about the very scenic eastern Sierra Nevada region of California. I was there in mid-October when the autumn color was at its peak. I think I managed to bring back a few rather nice pictures. One of those pictures (I’m not sure which) marks a milestone of sorts, the 500th picture on this Web site.

2 November 2003

I’m hard at work preparing new pictures from a trip last month to the eastern Sierra Nevada region of California. That area is noted for spectacular autumn color, and it certainly lived up to that reputation. Once I get all the pictures ready, I plan to rework the Mono Lake and Bodie page into several pages about of U.S. Route 395, the scenic road through the Eastern Sierra. For now I have added seven new pictures of the Devil’s Postpile National Monument and the June Lake Loop to the current page.

I have also updated the Commentaries pages, notably the section on ISO 400 color negative film. I discuss Kodak’s new Portra 400UC, which I tested on my trip, and compare it with the rather similar Kodak High Definition 400. I also made some updates to the Links and Reviews page.

5 October 2003

Two new pictures: A French Countryside scene on the Scenery page, and a new picture of the Pont du Gard on the Nîmes (Provence) page. Actually, these pictures are “new” only in the sense that I’ve just put them on my Web pages. The recent replacement of my film scanner means I can now make high-resolution scans of the 110-format Kodachrome slides I took in Europe during the 1970s. I took these two pictures in 1976. [“French Countryside” moved to Europe Through the Front Door.]

I also updated three of the pictures on the Maui (Hawaii) page. They are the two pictures of the Haleakala volcano (Haleakala Overlook and Haleakala Cinder Cones), and the Hana Highway. These are also from 110-format Kodachrome slides, and are among the last pictures I took with my Pocket Instamatic 60 camera before I retired it in 1982. Thanks to the new scanner and improved photo editing tools, these versions are much more vibrant and colorful than the old ones (and well worth a look). [I replaced the 1982 pictures of Haleakala with new (and much better) ones in 2006. “Hana Highway” is in the new Maui Coastal Highways Travel Photo Essay.]

The new scanner, a Canon FS4000US, is quite amazing. It has much higher resolution (4000 pixels per inch, compared with 2400 pixels per inch for my old Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart), better color, and much improved “dynamic range” (the ability to extract the detail in dark shadows and bright highlights). Perhaps most important of all, it has infrared cleaning that can save me hours of “spotting,” the tedious, painstaking process of removing the dust and scratches that inevitably collect on even the cleanest of negatives and slides. I plan to write a full review of this scanner once I have more experience with it.

25 September 2003

One more new picture, Japanese Garden, on the Fine Art 2 page. More updates to the Commentaries pages; and to the Links and Reviews page, including an update on the current status of OS/2 and the brand new release of Opera 7.2. [I have since removed the discussion of IBM’s discontinued OS/2 operating system. But I resurrected excerpts from it as a footnote to a self-congratulary article on improvements to my digital techniques that I wrote for the eighth anniversary of this Web site.]

10 September 2003

A new picture, Shoreline, on the Fine Art 1 page. Also various updates to the Links and Reviews and Commentaries pages.

16 August 2003

I took advantage of a sunny summer afternoon to take an actual (and rather nice, I think) picture of Lunada Bay for the Palos Verdes Peninsula 1 page. I also added directions for getting to Lunada Bay to the Palos Verdes Travel Notes page. A few other minor updates, notably the latest “edition” and pricing information for Hamrick’s VueScan on the Links and Reviews page.

3 August 2003

Corrected an error on the Palos Verdes Peninsula 1 page. Someone who lived in the area wrote to tell me that the picture I thought was of “Lunada Bay” was actually taken from one of the two viewpoints for Bluff Cove (I had correctly identified Sea Cliff, taken from the other viewpoint). It isn’t always easy to know the names of the various coves and cliffs on the Peninsula, since most of them aren’t identified with signs; you have to look carefully on a map.

I also updated the Links and Reviews page to discuss the latest changes to PocoMail (the e-mail program I use) and iCorrect EditLab.

12 July 2003

Two new Photo Travel Essays with 24 new pictures. The first one is about Santa Barbara, California; the second is about the Santa Ynez Valley, inland from Santa Barbara. The latter page finally gives Nojoqui Falls a proper home after two years on the Fine Art 1 page. The Santa Barbara Courthouse page, formerly on its own, now completes the Santa Barbara trilogy with a few updates.

Just in time for Bastille Day, I also updated the Avignon (Provence) page with a retelling of the story of Bénézet, 12th century builder of the famous bridge and subsequent patron saint of Avignon. It’s an entertaining tale that I had somehow overlooked.

Finally, I have updated the Technology Commentary page with something old and something new. The “something new” is my latest update to the section on digital cameras, in a vain attempt to keep it current. The “something old” is a new section with some resources for Pocket Instamatic cameras. I retired my Pocket Instamatic 60 in 1982, but there are enthusiasts who continue to use this clever piece of 1970s technology.

28 June 2003

Another update to the Links and Reviews page to reflect the latest changes to VueScan, the Opera browser, and the PocoMail e-mail program. I also updated the Commentaries section on my continuing quest for an ISO 400 color negative film to replace the discontinued Supra 400.

12 June 2003

Updated the Santa Barbara Courthouse page with four new pictures. This is a prelude to an upcoming new page on Santa Barbara and environs. Updated the Links and Reviews page to discuss the new version 8 of Paint Shop Pro. Also updated the Commentaries section on ISO 400 color negative film with more information about Kodak’s “new” High Definition 400 film, which I tested in Santa Barbara.

17 May 2003

As part of an ongoing effort to replace my oldest scans with new ones that take advantage of improved software, the Molokai (Hawaii) page has new, greatly improved scans (two of which are new pictures). Two other new scans are Arizona Memorial and Indoor Pool at Hearst Castle. Updated the Commentaries section on ISO 400 color negative film to reflect Kodak’s discontinuation of my favorite film, Supra 400.

11 April 2003

Ted Marcus’ Virtual Light Table will be four years old next week. It’s exciting to peruse the log summaries each week and see so many people from all over the world visiting my site, along with the astonishing variety of search queries that lead them to my pages. It’s even more exciting when some of those visitors order prints or image licenses :). I hope to continue improving this site. And I always welcome and appreciate feedback about how I can make it more interesting and informative.

Added two pictures of the famous Grand Canyon to the second Indian Country page. They are appropriately called Grand Canyon #1 and Grand Canyon #2. Updated the Palos Verdes Peninsula 1 page to reflect the recent reopening of a small section of Point Vicente Park. Added two new pictures I took at the park, Point Vicente at Dusk and Tree and Lighthouse. The reopened section of the park fortunately includes the best place to photograph the Point Vicente Lighthouse, so I finally got to replace the previous “placeholder” picture from 1989 with a new and much better version. For once, Nature cooperated by providing a beautiful clear day!

Updated the Links and Reviews page to reflect recent changes to iCorrect EditLab, VueScan, and the Opera browser. Also made various updates to the Commentaries pages. Changes include a completely rewritten section on ISO 400 color negative film and a revised section on digital cameras.

21 March 2003

Two new pictures on the Fine Art 3 page: Pool Reflection and Recyclable Still Life. Updated the Links and Reviews page to reflect recent changes to Ed Hamrick’s VueScan, as well as an update to my recommendations about the rapidly-evolving Opera browser.

5 March 2003

Two new Fine Art pictures: Red and Blue (on the Fine Art 1 page) and Red Tartan Blanket (on the Fine Art 3 page). Updated the Links and Reviews page with the latest information about the evolving Opera browser. Corrected a number of typos and minor errors, including a long-standing misspelling of ocotillo in Ocotillo and Mountain and the California Deserts page.

16 February 2003

In honor of President’s Day, I added a new picture of a Civil War-era Cannon at the Gettysburg National Military Park (the picture is on the Fine Art 3 page). I also updated the Links and Reviews page with a fuller discussion of the latest version of the Opera browser.

8 February 2003

Two new pictures: Fern Garden (on the Fine Art 2) page) and Mending Fences (on the Fine Art 3) page). Corrected the name of the island visible in Sunset at Abalone Cove, and updated the Links and Reviews page to include the new version 7 of the Opera browser.

19 January 2003

I split the Palos Verdes Peninsula page into two pages. The new second page includes five new pictures of Point Fermin and the Korean Friendship Bell, on the southern tip of the Peninsula in San Pedro. Made a number of updates to the Commentary pages. Updated the Links and Reviews page to include (among other things) the current prices of shareware products. [The pictures of San Pedro are now part of a new Travel Photo Essay about San Pedro.]

29 December 2002

Happy year-end holidays! I added four new pictures to the Oahu Beyond Waikiki page and extensively revised the text. I also made new, much improved scans of the existing pictures. The menu of Photo Travel Essays about California now has its own page. There are also some minor updates to the Links and Reviews page.

17 December 2002

Io, Saturnalia! An appropriate time to revisit my Provence pages. Added two new pictures to the Aix-en-Provence page. Also updated Some Words About Provence.

27 November 2002

Added a new Photo Travel Essay page on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, the very photogenic section of the Southern California coast where I grew up. Besides the pictures, I offer an admittedly biased perspective and history that isn’t in travel guidebooks (which tend to give this beautiful area short shrift). Some of the pictures were previously on the Scenery and Fine Art pages; I’ve given them a proper home along with ten new pictures.

27 October 2002

I’m using the extra hour at the end of daylight saving time to add two new pictures. Through the Arch is on the Fine Art 1 page. King Neptune is on the Fine Art 3 page. [“King Neptune” moved to the Travel Photo Essay on Palos Verdes Estates, California.]

18 October 2002

Two new pictures: Canoes at Lake Louise (on the Canadian Rockies page) and Malaga Cove Tower (on the Fine Art 1 page). Also made some minor updates to the Commentary pages. [“Malaga Cove Tower” moved to the Travel Photo Essay on Palos Verdes Estates, California.]

9 October 2002

Expanded the Mono Lake and Bodie page to include four new pictures of the surrounding area (including the June Lake Loop and Devil’s Postpile National Monument). Replaced all the existing scans with new, improved versions.

Added three new pictures to the Fine Art pages: Steeple and Palm (in the “Buildings and Architecture” section of the Fine Art 1 page); Looking Up and Palm and Parasite in the “Flowers, Gardens, and Trees” section of the Fine Art 2 page.

Updated the Oahu (Hawaii) page to reflect the recent demise of the Pleasant Hawaiian Hula Show (previously the Kodak Hula Show). Made minor updates to the Links and Reviews page.

9 September 2002

Six new pictures: Electric Meters, Springbok, and European Dove are on the Fine Art 3 page. Sea Cliff is on the Scenery page. Zabriskie Point Dawn is on the Death Valley page. And Lava Flow in Hilo Bay is on the Hawaii (The Big Island) page. [I found out that the “Springbok” is actually a “Klipspringer,” and renamed it accordingly. Along with the “European Dove,” it’s now part of the Balboa Park Travel Photo Essay (the park is home to the San Diego Zoo, where I took the pictures). “Sea Cliff” moved to the Travel Photo Essay on Palos Verdes Estates, California.]

22 August 2002

An update made necessary by Microsoft’s abrupt removal of the TrueType “core font” files from their Web site. The files had been available for over five years, for anyone to download. Like the authors of many Web sites that use the very nice Trebuchet, Verdana, Georgia, and Andale Mono fonts, I included a link to Microsoft’s download page (on my Commentary page). That gave visitors who lacked those fonts an opportunity to see my site (and a great many others) as it was designed.

Yes, the fonts are Microsoft’s property, and they have every right to do what they want with them. But whoever made the decision to remove them nonetheless deserves universal scorn and contempt for having obsoleted myriad links throughout the World Wide Web.

I also took the opportunity to make some tweaks to the Commentary and Links and Reviews pages, and to clean up a few minor things elsewhere.

8 August 2002

By popular demand, I now offer a way to sample some of my pictures at higher resolutions than the 240x360 “large” images. I have specially cropped five pictures to enjoy as “wallpaper” background for your PC or Macintosh desktop. The images are in three common screen sizes, 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768. They’re “bannerware,” meaning they discreetly advertise this Web site. You can download them for personal use.

I have also added a check-box to the “Virtual Mailbox” contact form to sign up for a planned infrequent mailing list of updates to this Web site.

27 July 2002

Added a page about the Sea King March, the “fight song” that I wrote in 1975 (when I was 15) for Palos Verdes High School. The band played it at football and basketball games until the school closed in 1991. The school is reopening this autumn, and they are planning to resurrect their old fight song. In anticipation of this new lease on life, I recently made a new band arrangement using notation software that can also export the score to MIDI. You can hear the MIDI version, see a scan of one of the original band parts (hand-written in vintage purple Ditto ink), and read the story of how the march got written. While mainly of interest to PVHS alumni (particularly band members), you might nonetheless enjoy the tune.

21 July 2002

Updated most of the pictures on the Grand Teton and Yellowstone page. The original scans were some of the first ones I did for this site three years ago. The new versions have much better color. I recently unearthed the photo logs I kept during my Yellowstone trip. This let me revise some of the text (and picture titles) to provide a more complete and accurate description of the photo locations. Added a new picture of Grand Prismatic Spring. [The Grand Teton and Yellowstone page is now two separate Travel Photo Essays, Grand Teton and Yellowstone. “Grand Prismatic Spring” is on the latter page.]

I also made improved versions of two pictures on the Canadian Rockies page, and updated the style sheets to provide better fonts for those who don’t have the Microsoft Web Fonts. Revised some of the reviews on the Links and Reviews page.

28 June 2002

In addition to the Richard Rodgers centennial, today marks a milestone: the 400th picture on this Web site. I’ve added four new pictures, but rather than trying to identify which of them is the 400th, I’ll list them alphabetically. Aspens and Fence (on the Scenery page); Cliff and Ocean (on the Fine Art 1 page); Gettysburg Graves (on the Fine Art 3 page); and Orange Walls (on the Fine Art 1 page). I also added a link and mini-review of the PocoMail e-mail client to Links and Reviews. Finally, I added a bit more intelligence to the tool that creates the alphabetical Index of Pictures. Titles that begin with articles (“a” or “the”) are now alphabetized according to the first real word instead of the article. [I replaced “Cliff and Ocean” with a new picture (“Cliff Bottom”) on the Rancho Palos Verdes page.]

19 June 2002

Two new pictures: Wupatki Rocks on the Indian Country page, and Fountain Gnomes on the third Fine Art page . Made some updates to the Commentary pages (for content and format). Renamed the “Links” page Links and Reviews, since the page has always had reviews of the products that go with the links. Added a review of Pictographics iCorrect EditLab plug-in for PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro, and updated some of the other reviews. [“Fountain Gnomes” has moved to the Palos Verdes Estates, California Travel Photo Essay.]

26 May 2002

Mainly a “stealth” update. Replaced four pictures on the Kauai page with new scans that have much better color. Also fixed a minor problem with that page that made it display incorrectly with some browsers.

9 May 2002

Added a new picture, Cliff Seascape, to the Scenery page. Fixed problem with link to the main Commentary page. [“Cliff Seascape” moved to the Travel Photo Essay on Rancho Palos Verdes, California.]

4 May 2002

Added a Gorilla to the menagerie on the new third Fine Art page. Made a minor change to the “large” image pages. [The gorilla moved to the Travel Photo Essay on Balboa Park, home of the San Diego Zoo where I took the picture.]

24 April 2002

I updated the “style sheets” to optimize this site for Microsoft Internet Explorer, while making it look more consistent with other common browsers. Internet Explorer is not the browser I prefer, but about 85% of visitors here use it (that’s consistent with current browser statistics for the Web overall).

The changes mostly involve links. Text links are no longer underlined, which I think makes many pages look much cleaner. But the links change color and become underlined when you move the cursor over them. Everything should look and work the same in recent versions of Opera (my preferred browser, accounting for just over 3% of visits), and Netscape (12%), except that Netscape 4 (9%) doesn’t support the “hover” feature that changes links when you move the cursor over them.

(Microsoft’s monopoly juggernaut isn’t entirely to blame for the demise of Netscape. Soon after AOL bought Netscape, they laid off most of the developers. This exceptionally brilliant management decision guaranteed that subsequent releases of Netscape would be buggy, slow, and late. Thus there is no reason for any sane person to prefer it over what Microsoft so generously includes with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems.)

If you want to know more about style sheets and how I use them, look at this section of my Commentary pages. If you’re interested in how I know what browsers visitors are using, have a look at this section of my E-Mail and Privacy page. [I have since deleted the discussion of CSS. But I do have a discussion of the fonts I use, which briefly mentions CSS.]

18 April 2002

Ted Marcus’ Virtual Light Table has been on the Web for three years. How time flies when you’re having fun! To celebrate, I now have a nifty “favorite icon” that shows up when you bookmark any page on this site in Internet Explorer.

Added six new pictures to the Fine Art pages. One, Meditation Garden, is on the second Fine Art page under “Flowers, Gardens, and Trees.” The other five are on a new third Fine Art page.

31 March 2002

Updated the Commentary pages. Reorganized them slightly, and added new commentary about digital cameras and why I suggest avoiding flying.

20 March 2002

Made a major update to the Indian Country page. Added seven new pictures, made new scans of most of the existing pictures, and split it into two pages.

4 March 2002

Updated the Fine Art pages with three new pictures plus new, improved versions of several others. The new pictures are Tailing Wheel, Train Door #2, and Locomotives. [“Tailing Wheel” moved to a new Travel Photo Essay on the Kennedy Mine in northern California. The train pictures moved to a new Travel Photo Essay page on Griffith Park in Los Angeles.]

16 February 2002

Updated the Scenery page with new scans of several images for better color. Also added a new picture, Teton Valley. Revised the Adjust Your Monitor page, with a somewhat larger contrast wedge. Revised the E-Mail and Privacy page to incorporate a necessary wording change to my privacy policy (there is no practical change to the policy itself). Also reworked the section about general Web site privacy to make it clearer and more informative.

4 February 2002

Added two new pictures to the California Deserts page: Date Clusters and Salton Sea, both in the Coachella Valley of southern California.

27 January 2002

The large image pages now have a navigation “button” with a link back to the page containing the picture. This should be very useful for people who find those pages through search engines.

12 January 2002

Added a new page about Christo’s Umbrellas, with four new pictures. This was one of environmental artist Christo’s projects, placing over a thousand yellow umbrellas in a valley north of Los Angeles for two weeks in October 1991.

5 January 2002

Happy new year! I updated the California Deserts pages. Added three new pictures taken in Joshua Tree National Park: Rock Garden, Rock Fissure, and Cholla Up Close and Personal. Also made new, improved scans of Split Rock, Round Rock, and Skull Rock (lots of rocks in Joshua Tree). Finally, I have removed all entries on this page that are more than one year old. That should make it load more quickly.

Older Entries